Steel Fabrication Tools

The steel fabrication industry is one of the largest industries in the world, as steel – in all its shapes and forms – is the most commonly used alloy on the planet today.  Steel is used in construction materials such as reinforced concrete, jewellery design, pumps, electric substations, the automotive industry, the naval industry, weapons production, cutlery, kitchen sinks and much, much more.  Stainless steel in particular has become very popular in interior designs lately.

Steel Fabrication Tools

There is an incredible array of steel fabrication tools available on the market today.  Within structural steel, the main areas are:

  • Plates
  • Beams
  • Angels


Steel fabrication tools are available for any area of fabrication and are often highly specialised and complex.  Unsurprisingly, they are also very expensive and there is hence a very large market of companies that specialise in selling second hand steel fabrication tools. 

  • In relation to steel plates, the tools that are mainly available include machines for processing plates including punching, drilling and stamping; machines for the automatic production of plates that are able to drill, punch, counter sink, mark, cut and mill; and machines designed to cut and punch flats.


  • In relation to steel beams, steel fabrication tools focus on loading beams onto other machines, drilling and marking, sorting, work cycle control, cutting and milling.
  • With angles, steel fabrication tools include specialised punching tools (tools that are able to punch each side of the angle simultaneously), loading and unloading tools, stamping units, shearing units, and different material forms.

Where Can I buy Steel Fabrication Tools?

There are many companies offering steel fabrication tools.  Many of these, as stated earlier, specialise in offering second hand tools.  Most companies will specialise in a specific kind of steel production industry.  Some of the companies you could take into consideration if you are thinking of purchasing steel fabrication tools include:

  • Malt House Engineering who focus on mid steel fabrications.
  • Graythorpe for Engineering who pride themselves on their quality control.
  • Abbott Fabrications Ltd who make bespoke steel fabrication tools and also focus on aluminium, copper and brass.
  • Ocean Machinery, a Florida based company offering steel fabrication tools.  They work on an international level
  • QauliMach who offer second hand steel fabrication tools that have passed rigorous quality testing procedures.
  • Van Sent Enterprises Trick Tools who specialise in high performance metal fabrication equipment and tools.


As you can see, the array of steel fabrication tools companies is very large, and the list above is very far from being exhaustive.  Many companies will have a specific area of expertise, such as producing bespoke steel fabrication tools, or working specifically with a certain kind of production, such as beams or angles.  Others have close links with a specific type of industry that uses steel products, such as the automotive industry or the weapons industry.

Finding steel fabrication tools should not be too difficult with such an array of companies to choose from.  It is perhaps best to initially think of what it is exactly that you will be using the steel fabrication tools for, before deciding which company best suits those needs.  Also remember that there are many companies that focus specifically on offering second hand steel fabrication tools, allowing you to keep your initial overhead costs down.




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