Steel Fabrication Software

Steel fabrication is one of the most important industries in the world today, mainly because it is involved in so many other types of industries.  Steel is used in construction, the automotive and boating industry, weapons fabrication, jewellery and art, piping, sewage, water treatment and much, much more.  Very often, steel needs to be formed in very specific ways and this is achieved by using steel fabrication software.

AceCad Steel Fabrication Software

AceCad software is a programme used in steel fabrication for architecture, construction and engineering.  It includes two very important components, being:

  • Fabrication Information Modelling
  • Building Information Modelling


This steel fabrication software package not only allows users to design steel and detail fabrication, it also allows them to implement integrated systems whereby they can work together with the companies that steel products are supplied to.

Fabsuite Steel Fabrication Software

FabSuite is a steel fabrication software package that fully integrates all the processes of steel fabrication, from job input to inventory control, from biding processes to accounting processes and from production and tracking of shipment pieces to purchasing. 

FabSuite includes the following modules:

  • Project Management – this traces all job information and is useful for both project managers and human resources
  • Estimating  - this makes much of an estimator’s job automatic thereby increasing the speed of bidding processes
  • Combining – this can help you to work on optimising your own inventory and use other databases as well
  • Production Control – for tracking jobs and invoices
  • Purchasing – to create order sheets
  • Inventory Control – this enables you to maintain everything that is in your inventory
  • Order Entry – this enables you to track all the sales that are completed

Division 5 Steel Fabrication Software

Division 5 Steel Fabrication Software was especially designed for the steel fabrication industry.  This software is purely for use in the steel industry unlike the software packages described above which can also be used in other industries.  Division 5 is the steel fabrication software package of choice for many companies.  It was designed by people that worked in the steel fabrication industry themselves for over 30 years.  These people were involved in all aspects of the industry and have each used their expertise in one of the specific components of the software package, meaning that the software can be used from the initial estimate to the final invoice.

Division 5 was created with the idea that users cannot be expected to be IT geniuses and is hence very user friendly.  The modules included in Division 5 Steel Fabrication Software are:

  • Estimating – increasing the quantity, quality and consistency of a company’s estimates
  • Project Management – decreasing the time that is used in paper management and bureaucracy
  • Production Management – tightening control of the production elements

As you can see, there is a variety of steel fabrication software packages available on the market today.  Some of these have been designed specifically for the steel fabrication industry whilst others can be used in that industry as well as in other industries, particularly those that may have relations with the steel fabrication industry.  One of the keys of steel fabrication software is that it is able to integrate processes and systems.




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