Steel Fabrication Machinery

The steel fabrication industry is incredibly wide and varied.  Steel is the most common alloy used today and it can be found in an incredible amount of products, from kitchen sinks to electric substations and from cutlery to the automotive industry and everything else in between.  In fact, many people never stop to think about how much steel actually surrounds them in their everyday lives.  In order to produce and work with steel, highly specialised machinery is required – and some of this machinery in turn contains steel!

Sheet Metal and Steel Fabrication Machinery

There is a wealth of steel fabrication machinery available for sheet metal.  Some of these include:

  • Benders and notches
  • Folding machines
  • Guillotines
  • Rolling machines
  • Bench presses
  • Sawing machines
  • Welders
  • Steelworkers and notches


Where Can I buy Steel Fabrication Machinery?

Steel fabrication machinery can be very expensive and there are many companies that specialise in not only new steel fabrication machinery, but also second hand steel fabrication machinery.  Some of these companies include:

  • Hares of Snape who pride themselves on providing affordable steel fabrication machinery
  • Stoneman Engineering specialising in bespoke steel fabrication machinery
  • Qualimach who offer second hand steel fabrication machinery
  • Rondean who are one of the United Kingdom’s leading companies for steel machinery
  • Voortman, a manufacturer of machinery used in the steel fabrication industry


There are many other companies, each offering a range of different products.  Prices generally are on application, as many of these machines are bespoke and customised to meet the customer’s needs and requirements.

An In Depth Look at a Steel Fabrication Machinery Company

As an example, Roco Engineering, based in Stanley, is a United Kingdom based company that specialises in precision engineering.  They work both nationally and internationally and have an impressive customer database.  Although they are involved in a range of steel fabrication machinery, they specialise in milling and CNC turning as well as designing and manufacturing bespoke machinery. 

Baileigh Industrials as another example, is a company that specialises in selling a range of steel fabrication machinery products, such as box and pan folders, band saws, cold saws and guillotine sheers to name but a few.  They are a company that pride themselves on their high levels of customer service and are happy to discuss specific needs and requirements as well as offering finance options – understanding how expensive an investment in heavy machinery can really be.

As you can see, the steel fabrication industry is very wide and diverse.  Unsurprisingly, machinery involved in the steel fabrication industry is almost just as varied and there is an incredible range of steel fabrication machinery available, ranging from standard products to bespoke machines designed to meet your exact needs and requirements.  Interestingly enough, most steel fabrication machinery includes many steel components itself, which demonstrates the size and breadth of the steel fabrication industry.  The industry is involved in almost everything in the world, from household products and appliances to personal jewellery as well as heavy industry, agriculture, infrastructure, the boating industry, weapons industry, automotive industry and much, much more.




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