Steel Fabrication Literature

The steel fabrication industry is one of the most important industries in the world today, mainly because it is involved in so many other areas of industry.  Steel is used in all walks of life, from art to weapons, from jewellery to ships, from pipes to cars and so on.  Steel is made in a variety of different ways, as it is an alloy.  Many people are very interested in steel production and steel fabrication and enjoy submerging themselves in steel fabrication literature to learn more about the processes and the alloy itself.

Steel Fabrication Literature – An Introduction to Stainless Steel

An Introduction to Stainless Steel is a great book targeting those who have no experience with stainless steel or other metals.  This steel fabrication literature is written in such a way that it is free from jargon, so the reader does not need to be an engineer in order to understand it.  It explains everything there is to know about stainless steel, including its history, the processes of producing it, issues around corrosion, applications and much, much more.  It is truly a great book for beginners and experts alike.

Steel Fabrication Literature – A Guide to Press Brake Technology

The Guide to Press Brake Technology is a book that describes the processes of press braking.  It discusses trigonometry, mathematics and geometry in order to properly use a press brake.  It is steel fabrication literature for people who already have knowledge on steel and its applications.

Steel Fabrication Literature – CASTI Handbook of Stainless Steels

The CASTI Handbook of Stainless Steel is the most complete reference book discussing stainless steel as well as nickel alloys.  This steel fabrication literature combines the knowledge of at least 30 authors and looks at over 700 years of history on stainless steel.  Everything there is to know about stainless steel and nickel alloys is described in this steel fabrication literature, with subjects such as:

  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Halogenation
  • Highly oxidising environments
  • The Alloy Index


It is by far the most complete steel fabrication literature available on the market and an absolute must have for anybody that is involved or interested in steel fabrication.

Steel Fabrication Literature – Modern Welding

One process that is used very often in steel fabrication is welding, hence no list of steel fabrication literature would be complete without a book on modern welding.  The most current version is Modern Welding, 9th Edition, and is the book that everybody who is involved in welding, be it for steel or other materials, should have.  The Modern Welding book is also very interesting for those who are novices in welding, as it explains the process and applications in an understandable, plain English way.

As you can see, there is a range of steel fabrication literature available for both those who are fully qualified engineers working in the steel fabrication industry, or for those who simply have in interest in steel.  Much of the steel fabrication literature is written in such a way that it is informative for experts, but at the same time readable for amateurs.




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