Precision Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication industry is one of the most important industries in the world and is linked to almost every other industry that is available in the world today.  Steel is used in almost everything you come across, from household appliances to cars, from jewellery to ships and yachts and from containers and electric components to the sewage industry and sinks.  The list truly is endless!  There are many different types of steel available, each having specific properties and being used in different industries. 

What is Precision Steel Fabrication?

Precision steel fabrication is used in many different industries, including residential industries, general industries, industrial industries, commercial industries, telecommunications, mining, metal work and road infrastructure.  Precision steel fabrication generally provides steel at very precise dimensions and is often bespoke or custom made.  Precision steel is generally a low carbon steel, meaning that it is very resistant to corrosion and often has other properties making it suitable for specific industries, such as resistance to heat and extreme strength.

Precision Steel Fabrication Products

There are many different precision steel fabrication products, often provided in squares or rolls.  Some of the products manufactured by the precision steel fabrication industry include:

  • Low carbon steel sheets
  • Special accuracy strips
  • Strip steel
  • Flat wire
  • Shim steel
  • Heat treatable strips

These are but a few of the products that are available, of course.

Where Can I Buy Precision Steel Fabrication?

There are quite a few companies across the United Kingdom that specialise in making bespoke, custom made precision steel fabrication products.  Many of these companies are involved in a specific industry, such as construction, architecture, the weapons industry, the mining industry and so on.  Some of the better known companies include:

  • Caparo Steel Products who have a very diverse portfolio of precision steel products
  • Art Discount who specialise in precision steel fabrication used in works of art, where steel has recently seen a strong revival
  • Rutlands who pride themselves on their high levels of customer service, including next day delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • A&S Precision Products who specialise in precision steel fabrication as well as other precision metals.
  • Millstock Stainless who provide precision stainless steel for a variety of different industries


There are many other companies available and many of these are located outside of the United Kingdom as they choose to be closer to mines and production places.  However, many international companies are very happy to deal with customers in the United Kingdom.  In fact, some of these companies are registered in the United Kingdom, even though they are based abroad.

As you can see, there is a wide range of precision steel fabrication products available on the market that are used in an incredible amount of other industries.  In recent years, the art industry has seen a revival in using steel for its creations, and quite a number of companies now provide rolls of precision steel fabrication products that are specifically suited for artists, by being mendable, bendable and weldable.  These precision steel fabrication products are also often able to be stamped or marked to provide intricate designs on beautiful works of art.




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