Pipe Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication industry is involved in almost every other industry in the world, from the art industry to the weapons industry, the construction industry to the automotive industry and water sewage and water treatment to jewellery as well as much, much more.  It can be hard to comprehend how much steel is used in everyday life, but by simply looking around you can get a good idea.  You may have steel cutlery or appliances, for example.  Many kitchen sinks are also made from steel.  Other everyday objects you use are likely to also have a percentage of steel in them too including your mobile phone and your car.

What is Pipe Steel Fabrication?

Many pipes are now made of stainless steel, in particular wrought steel.  Pipe steel fabrication needs to conform to international standards that first came into force in the United States in 1927.  Schedule numbers indicate the thickness of pipes made in the pipe steel fabrication industry.  Pipe steel fabrication is used in a variety of different ways.  Within your home, for example, it is likely that you have steel pipes to transport your water and gas, although many plumbers now prefer to use hardened plastic pipes as there have been many issues with steel pipes bursting when the water in them froze. 

There are many different types of steel pipe fabrication, the most common one being carbon piping.  Carbon pipe contains no other alloys and is made entirely of iron and carbon.  It is also very affordable and is hence often used in large scale pipeline projects.  Stainless steel pipes are also often used, but these can be very expensive.  However, they do offer increased protection against corrosion, even in extreme stresses, meaning that smaller pipes can be used.

Seamless or Welded Pipe Steel Fabrication

Generally, pipe steel fabrication is either seamless or welded.  To create a seamless pipe, a piercing rod is generally used which gives the material a very even and smooth finish with no joints on the pipe.  It is the most reliable type of pipe steel available and can withstand tremendous pressures.  However, it is of course also the more expensive type of pip steel fabrication.  Welded pipe, on the other hand, is formed by steel sheets that are rolled around a form and the joint is then welded closed.  It is much cheaper than seamless pipe steel fabrication but is more likely to fail, particularly under high pressures.

Where Can I Buy Pipe Steel Fabrication?

There are many companies across the United Kingdom that specialise in pipe steel fabrication, both welded and seamless and in either carbon pipes or different alloyed steel pipes.  Some of the better known companies include:

  • Deepdale Eng
  • Metals 4 U
  • The Pipeline Centre
  • The Metals Depot


As you can see, pipe steel fabrication is mainly used in homes and infrastructure in relation to pipes to transport water and gas for example.  There are many companies to choose from if you are looking for pipe steel fabrication, each of which would be able to meet all your needs and requirements.




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