Mild Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication industry is one of the most important industries in the world.  Many people don’t realise how much steel is used, but the range truly is impressive.  Within a home, you are likely to find steel in the structure of your house (such as in your load bearing walls), in your kitchen sink, in your appliances and in designer jewellery.  Outside of the home, the list of steel applications is so big that you could write an entire book about it.  Steel is found in the boxes holding electrical substations, it is used in the weapons industry, in the automotive industry, in heavy industry, in the naval industry and in infrastructure, to name but a very small amount of examples.

What is Mild Steel Fabrication?

Mild steel fabrication is the process of producing steel that is of low carbon content, generally used for structural applications.  Because the carbon content is low, the steel does not harden fully, meaning it can be welded and bended for example.  Some examples of products containing mild steel include railway lines, parts of your car and motorcycle, ships, bicycles, metal pipes, pots and pans, and so on.  Mild steel is so common because it is one of the cheapest forms of steel. 

How to Identify Mild Steel Fabrication

You may wonder how you can tell the difference between mild steel fabrication and other forms of steel fabrication.  Firstly, mild steel usually has a smooth, bright surface if it is bright drawn; or it is covered with blue grey oxide if it is black mild steel fabrication.  When you drop a product that is made of mild steel, it will generally make a ringing type of sound.  However, please don’t start dropping anything that you think is made out of mild steel, as you could do damage to both the product and your floor of course!  If you grind mild steel, it will give off very long and white sparks.  Mild steel fabrication products are also slightly more difficult to heat.  Of course, unlike stainless steel, mild steel will rust.

Where Can I buy Mild Steel Fabrication?

There are many companies specialising in a range of mild steel fabrication products.  Most of these companies will target a specific industry, such as construction, automotive, infrastructure and so on.  Some companies in the United Kingdom that you could take into consideration if you are looking for mild steel fabrication products include:

  • GP Engineering, also providing stainless steel
  • Multiform Ltd, specialising in structural steel work, stainless steel fabrication, mild steel fabrication and architectural metalwork.
  • Harry Burrows, a company that focuses on welding and fabrication, including one off prototypes and batches of mild steel fabrication.
  • BD Marine, specialising in mild steel fabrication for the naval industry.


As you can see, mild steel fabrication is wide and varied and used in more items than you could be able to imagine.  Just looking out of your window or into your home will reveal a range of products made through mild steel fabrication for example.




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