Marine Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication industry is one of the leading industries in the world, due to steel being used in almost everything that you can think of.  A car, for example, generally has steel in both its outer body, interior and its parts.  Steel is used in construction, infrastructure, the marine and shipping industries, the automotive industry and much, much more – steel is even used in jewellery design!

What is Marine Steel Fabrication?

Marine steel fabrication is the production of a type of steel that is preferred by the marine and shipping industry.  It needs to be able to withstand the high salt levels of the sea, as well as be non corrosive due to its constant contact with water.  Marine steel is a form of stainless steel that has a high chromium content.  Even marine steel is not entirely free from rust, due to the salinity of sea water, but it does last much longer.  Of course, marine steel fabrication is also used in other applications that involve water, such as in water treatment and sewage plants.


Marine Steel Fabrication Products

There is a large range of marine steel fabrication products available, the biggest of course being the outside of a ship itself.  Some other products made within the marine steel fabrication industry include:

  • Sewage flow control systems
  • Dock gate endplates – used by the Ministry of Defence for example
  • Access walkways and ladders
  • Products in relation to building and design, such as screws, jaws, studs, fork terminals, and so on.
  • Chains and connectors
  • Cleats, blocks and bolts
  • Hinges, hooks, handles and rings
  • Rail fitting, tubes and accessories
  • Spring hooks, shackles and swivels
  • Wire ropes and turnbuckles
  • Yachting equipment, accessories and highlights

Where Can I Buy Marine Steel Fabrication?

There is a whole host of companies in the United Kingdom that specialise in marine steel fabrication products.  Some have an impressive customer database, such as providing marine steel to the Ministry of Defence.  Some companies you could take into consideration if you are looking for marine steel fabrication include:

  • Ancon who manufactures marine steel for the building and construction industry.
  • Morgan Marine, a marine steel fabrication company that specialise in a range of products in relation to the marine and shipping industry.
  • Avon Stainless Marine who offer a range of products for both heavy shipping and yachting.
  • Aalco who provide marine steel fabrication as well as other materials for the ship and boat building industry


As you can see, the marine steel fabrication industry is very wide and varied.  Although marine steel is mainly used in the boating and shipping industry, as these require steel that is as non corrosive as possible, there are many other applications where marine steel is used, including construction, water treatment and sewage to name but a few.  Products range from entire ship’s hulls to small hooks and swivels, as in the boat and ship industry in particular, even the smallest nut or bolt needs to be able to withstand the high salinity of the oceans.  This is equally important in the sewage industry of course!




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