Heavy Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication industry is one of the largest industries in the world as steel is used in so many products.  You only need to look around you to gain a little bit of insight into how much steel is actually used.  Your home, for example, will contain an incredible amount of steel.  Some of your walls will be reinforced with steel, your garage door will probably contain steel, as will your car.  You may have a stainless steel sink, cooker or fridge for example.  Or perhaps you wear stainless steel jewellery.  The list really goes on and on, and that is just for domestic purposes!

What is Heavy Steel Fabrication?

Heavy steel fabrication is usually referred to as heavy metal steel and denotes recyclable steel and recyclable wrought iron.  Heavy steel fabrication is subdivided into categories, the main ones being HMS 1 – which does not contain galvanised or blackened steel – and HMS2 – which does contain galvanised or blackened steel.  There are further subcategories used as well, mainly describing the size of the scrap pieces that are used. 

The other side of heavy steel fabrication is exactly what it says: heavy steel – as in heavy in weight.  This type of steel is used for specific projects, such as heavy steel beams.

How to Identify Heavy Steel Fabrication

Heavy steel fabrication is mainly identified by the smaller pieces that clearly are scraps.  The scraps can vary in sizes from 1/8th of an inch to 60 inches, but it is visibly clear that this type of steel is no longer used for anything else.  The other way of recognising heavy steel is, of course, by its weight.

Heavy Steel Fabrication Products

Many products are created using heavy steel.  For example:

  • 50 tonne bed plates, used in the power generation industry
  • Truck trailers
  • Railway tracks
  • S Hooks
  • Heavy steel chains
  • Plates for shipbuilding or truck building for example
  • Steel plates for oil or gas transport


The list is endless, but generally the idea is that heavy steel fabrication is used in products that are required to be able to bear very heavy loads without bending, breaking or snapping.

Where Can I Buy Heavy Steel Fabrication?

There are many companies across the United Kingdom that sell heavy steel fabrication products.  Some of these include:

  • Anson Steel who export heavy steel fabrication products all over the world
  • Ironmongery Direct who specialise in smaller heavy steel items, such as S hooks and chains.
  • Exceledge who make heavy steel landscape edging
  • James Bridge Steel Services Limited who focus on all areas of heavy steel fabrication
  • Alibaba who focus on the scrapping side of heavy steel fabrication


In conclusion, heavy steel fabrication can point to one of two things: either the recycling and reusing of heavy steel and wrought iron, or the fabrication of steel items that have to be able to withstand tremendous weights and pressures.  Heavy steel fabrication is hence used in a variety of industries the world over, including the railway industry, the shipping industry and the weapons industry.




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