Carbon Steel Fabrication

You could be incredibly surprised if you stood to think for a moment about how much steel actually surrounds you.  Inside the home, steel is generally found in the construction materials of your home (particularly load bearing walls), in your kitchen appliances and sink, in your jewellery, garage door and car, to name but a few.  Outside of the home, steel is found under the ground in gas and water pipes, on railway lines, in sewage and water treatment plants, in ships, weapons and the electricity industry and that is but to name a few!  Unsurprisingly, the steel fabrication industry is truly one of the biggest industries in the world, with connections to almost every other industry on the planet.

What is Carbon Steel Fabrication?

Carbon steel fabrication describes steel in which the main component is carbon.  As steel is an alloy, any steel that does not contain any of the other elements generally used to make steel, is classed as carbon steel or plain carbon steel.  Many people, however, also use the term carbon steel to describe any form of steel that is not stainless steel, although this description is not accurate in engineering terms of course.


Types of Carbon Steel Fabrication

There are in essence four types of carbon steel fabrication.  These types are based on the level of content of carbon within the alloy.  The four types are:

  1. Low and mild carbon steel which is low priced and very common as it can be used in a large variety of applications.  Mild and low carbon steel fabrication produces steel that is not too brittle and not too ductile.  Although it is not one of the strongest forms of steel, carburising can increase its strength.
  2. Second is carbon steel classed as medium, which has a higher carbon content.  It is mainly used for larger parts, as well as in the automotive industry and for forging.
  3. High carbon steel is third.  This type of carbon steel is very strong and generally used in the fabrication of springs and steel high strength wires.
  4. Lastly is carbon steel known as ultra high, which is the most expensive form of carbon steel fabrication and is incredibly hard and strong.  It is used in everyday items such as punches, knives and axles. 

If the carbon content in carbon steel fabrication goes above 2% (ultra high carbon steel is up to 2%), it is known as cast iron rather than steel.  Within carbon steel fabrication, different heat treatments are used to change the essential properties of the steel itself.

As you can see, there are many different forms of carbon steel fabrication.  In essence, however, carbon steel is the most common form of steel that can be found today aside from stainless steel.  Carbon steel fabrication companies create a range of products that are used both domestically (such as in knives and punches) and industrially (such as in the automotive and construction industry).  It is important to remember that steel is an alloy between carbon and iron and that if the carbon levels become too high, the product is no longer known as carbon steel but rather as cast iron.




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