Aluminium Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication is used in all walks of life.  It could be quite interesting to have a look out of your window and look at the amount of steel you would actually see.  Perhaps there is a car parked in your street, which has steel in its frame, interior and parts.  Of course, the homes in your street will have steel in a range of places as well.  Load bearing walls, for example, are reinforced with steel.  Many people also have stainless steel cutlery and appliances.  Steel is found everywhere, making it one of the most important industries in the world today.

What is Aluminium Steel Fabrication?

Aluminium steel fabrication refers to aluminium alloys.  Many people confuse the two, because they are quite similar.  Aluminium has a very low carbon density and is remarkably non corrosive, just like stainless steel or marine steel.  An aluminium alloy, or aluminium steel fabrication, generally has a high percentage of aluminium and is then mixed with other metals such as magnesium and copper.  Aluminium alloys also always keep their shine (unless they are exposed to severe corrosive elements), which is another reason why it is regularly confused with stainless steel – even though stainless steel generally has a duller appearance.

Aluminium Steel Fabrication Products

There are many aluminium steel fabrication products, which are used in a variety of other industries and applications.  Metal roofs, for example, are generally made from a process of aluminium steel fabrication.  Aluminium products regularly come in a rolled form, as well as extrusions and composite panels.

Where Can I Buy Aluminium Steel Fabrication?

There are many companies across the United Kingdom involved in aluminium steel fabrication.  Some of these have ties with a specific kind of industry, such as construction, automotive or shipping whilst others are involved in scrapping and others in DIY materials.  The list truly is endless.  Some of the better known companies include:

  • PSP architectural Ltd – specialising in aluminium steel fabrication for the construction and architectural industry
  • Aalco Metals Ltd – specialising in a range of metallic products, including aluminium, steel, copper and iron
  • Reynolds Metal Centre – an Irish company specialising in stainless steel and aluminium steel fabrication
  • Metal Agencies – specialising in rolled aluminium products.  Although based in Greece, it is the United Kingdom’s largest supplier
  • Metals 4 U – providing mild steel, aluminium angle as well as stainless steel angle.  They do not produce the items themselves, but have good contacts with aluminium steel fabrication companies all across the world to provide the best possible materials
  • Blackburns Metals Ltd – providing the United Kingdom with stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous alloy products


As you can see, the aluminium steel fabrication industry is wide and varied, from producing garage roofs to tin cans.  It is not surprising that the steel fabrication industry is so vast and varied when the products are used in so many different products and processes.  Aluminium steel fabrication, in conclusion, refers to products that are made from aluminium alloys to make products with similar qualities to stainless and marine steel.




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