Alloy Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication industry is by far one of the largest industries in the world today.  Steel is used in absolutely everything, from cars to jewellery, from shipping to homes and so on.  There are many different types of steel available, such as stainless steel, marine steel, aluminium steel and alloy steel fabrication, to name but a few.  Each has its own specific purposes and performs under specific stresses and pressures.

What is Alloy Steel Fabrication?

Alloy steel fabrication refers to steel that has been alloyed with a variety of other elements, which improve the properties of the steel.  There are two kinds of alloy steel fabrication, which are high alloy steel (alloyed with a higher content of other metals) and low alloy steel (where the majority of the metal is still steel).  The properties of steel that are improved by alloy steel fabrication are:

  • Strength
  • Hardness
  • Wear resistance
  • Toughness


Sometimes, alloy steel fabrication uses a process of heat treating to achieve the best properties.

The most common other metals and elements used in alloy steel fabrication are:

  • Manganese - the most popular element that is used in alloy steel
  • Chromium
  • Nickel
  • Vanadium
  • Molybdenum
  • Boron
  • Silicon


Low alloy steel is particularly difficult to weld, due to its increased hardenability.  Generally, the carbon content of low alloy steel needs to be significantly reduced in order to be able to weld it.  Low alloy steel with a lower carbon content is generally referred to as high strength low alloy steel and this exists in a range of designations.

In order to have the right alloys in alloy steel fabrication, it is firstly important to know what is to be achieved by the alloy.  When the percentages of alloyed elements are below 5%, the strength and hardenability is generally increased.  When the percentages of alloyed elements in alloy steel fabrication are above 5% more special properties are achieved for example temperature stability under extreme temperatures and a better resistance to corrosion.

Where Can I Buy Alloy Steel Fabrication Products?

There is a range of alloy steel fabrication products available on the market, used in a variety of different industries.  Some of these include:

  • Timken who custom melt steel to meet their customer’s needs and requirements.
  • West York Steel who provide alloy steel fabrication as well as silver steel for a range of different industries
  • Tata Steel Europe who provide alloy steel products all across Europe
  • Masteel UK Limited who offer low alloy steel with a very high strength.  Masteel work together with customers across the globe.


As you can see, alloy steel fabrication refers to a process of increasing certain properties in steel, allowing it to be stronger or more resistant to elements such as heat and corrosion.  Different applications will require different forms of alloy steel fabrication.  In order to find the right type of alloy steel, you will first need to determine which elements the steel needs to be alloyed with and what it is that you are trying to achieve.  At that point, alloy steel fabrication companies such as the ones described above will be able to provide you with exactly the type of material you are looking for.




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