Steel Fabrication Structures

For those that are not in the industry, steel fabrication is a largely unknown quantity in the UK. Despite the fact that many people’s lives would be very different were it not for steel fabrication, people are still unsure what the process involves and how it has shaped the world in which we live.

Steel fabrication structures can be seen in various places, many, many times each day. Many of us work, shop, relax and on some occasions live in a building which is of a steel structure and involves the use of fabricated steel.

Types of steel fabrication structures

Steel fabrication structures cannot be banded in one specific type of structure or industry. Many steel fabrication companies are able to provide to domestic, public, retail, industrial and agricultural sectors providing everything from the design, fabrication and construction of a full building to support work, access and fire escapes for existing structures.

Steel structure work is commonly seen being carried out for various new supermarkets, shopping malls and high rise tower buildings. The London 2012 Olympics are a good example of how steel fabrication companies provide structures for new builds, with the Olympic Stadium and athletes’ village relying heavily on fabrication.

Domestic work can involve constructing a home from scratch or more commonly, providing extension work, garages, balconies and access to existing properties.

Public work will generally involve the barriers and bridges as-well as school extensions and bike sheds. Work in retail is a big market for steel fabrication companies and they are able to provide everything from the building of a new store to mezzanine floors and lift shafts. Modern shops and supermarket designs are heavily reliant on the use of steel fabrication processes in every part of construction.

Industrial and agricultural work will involve the construction of new buildings, roof systems, access and support systems.

What services do steel fabrication companies provide?

Steel fabrication structures involve the use of a professional fabrication company in every part of the process, from initial concept to final assembly. A modern day steel fabrication company is to do much more than just provide the steel needed for a structure, the first part of the process is the design.
Building and construction companies will employ a steel fabrication company to provide detailed 2D and 3D drawing and models of how the building is to look based on the engineering requirements. Designs are provided by experienced draughtsmen and the drawings will provide the fabricators with the specifications on the sizes and shapes of the steel and how they will be assembled.

Steel fabrication structures will then move on to the next step which is the fabrication of the steel. This is done through cutting, forming and welding the steel as detailed in a draughtsman’s designs.
The steel fabrication structures are then assembled in the fabrication shop or delivered to sight where experienced and qualified workers will assemble the structure. This can involve on-site welding and the bolting together of beams and sheets of steel.




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