Steel Fabrication Design

Steel fabrication covers many of today’s modern building needs; it is used across various sectors such as retail, public, industrial, agricultural and domestic, and is as common for large new build projects as it is for small domestic extensions.

Modern day steel fabrication companies are able to offer a service that covers much more than just fabricating the steel for a job. Services now include, design, project management and on-site erection of steel. The steel fabrication design process in particular is one that is as important as the fabrication.

What is involved in steel fabrication design?

Steel fabricators work to cut, form and weld steel to a client’s requirements; to do this it is essential they are able to competently work from drawings and design produced by either the client themselves or the fabrication company’s design team.

Most companies are happy to work from drawings produced by clients but also offer the services or an expert design team. A design team is generally made up of architects and draughtsman who are experienced in producing drawings which capture the client’s ideas; they are also beneficial for projects that may present specific problems in terms of access of space.

Working on behalf of the client the designers are able produce clear and concise drawings in both 2D and 3D which detail materials needed, dimensions of the project and full specifications. Modern computer technology means that designers are now able to produce 3D models which give an even clear picture of the project.

Computer Assisted Design software

Computer Assisted Design software or CAD as it is commonly referred, has changed the way in which steel fabrication design is done. Although designs are still known as drawings in the industry, many companies have moved towards CAD to produce designs for fabricators to work from.

AutoCAD and Advance Steel software are the industry leading software products for 2D and 3D design and they used by many of the leading steel fabrication companies across the world. The software allows users to produce automatic creation of fabrication drawings and has many benefits in the design process, including:

  • Allowing multiple users to use the software simultaneously and work securing on the same project without mistakes
  • The software produces clear drawings each and every time with all labels and dimensions automatically inputted.
  • Sheet and plate work
  • Creation workflow management which includes revision control and automatic updates
  • Library on construction elements available for easy use on the production of 3D models including items such as steel beams, plates, bolts and fasteners and welds.
  • Automatic creation of the necessary lists and bills of materials

Many companies choose to invest in this software as it allows them to improve steel fabrication design for both the fabricators and the client.

Many clients do not have access to this kind of software which makes choosing a steel fabrication company to carry out the design work beneficial. AutoCAD and Advance Steel will give the client a clear picture of what the project will look like, something which paper drawings cannot always provide.




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