Severfield Rowen Steel Fabrication

Steel is used in so many different types of applications that it would be impossible to list them all.  It is used not only in the production of items, but it is also used in the machines that are used in production.  In the automotive industry, for example, the end product of a car will contain incredible levels of steel in both its inner components and its outer body.  Within that same industry, tools, conveyor belts and robots will also have steel components.  And the staff will more than likely wear steel toed boots and safety shoes, again containing steel as well.  Within that automotive production company, steel will be found in the structure of the building (stairs and railings and load bearing walls for example) and it is likely that there are also any number of stainless steel sinks.  And those are but a few examples!

Who Are Severfield Rowen Steel Fabrication?

Severfield Rowen Steel Fabrication is one of the United Kingdom’s market leaders in the production of structural steel.  Their customer database is incredibly impressive, including work on Heathrow airport for example.  The values of the company are based on three main points:

  • Working together in manufacture, design, erection services, contract management and supply chain and partnering.
  • Always maintaining high levels of quality and safety by being fully compliant with health and safety laws and ensuring accreditation wherever possible.
  • Product development with Fabsec software.

Where Are Severfield Rowen Steel Fabrication Located?

Severfield Rowen Steel Fabrication are located all over the United Kingdom.  Their various offices are in:

  • Thrisk, North Yorkshire, where Severfield Reeves Structures is located, as well as their Steelcraft Erection Services office.  Thirsk is also the location their Engineering Construction Training company.
  • Bolton, Lancashire, where their Watson Steel Structures office is based, as well as their other Engineering Construction Training office.
  • Malton, North Yorkshire, for their Atlas Ward Structures office
  • Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, the location of their Fisher Engineering office
  • South Normanton, Derbyshire, for their Rowen Structures office
  • Abu Dhabi, for Severfield Reevie International
  • Mumbai, India for the JSW Severfield Structures offices

What Do Severfield Rowen Steel Fabrication Produce?

Severfield Rowen Steel Fabrication are involved in a very impressive range of structural steel products and projects, such as:

  • The Arsenal North and South access bridges
  • The Doncaster Viaduct
  • The footbridge at Selfridges
  • The Cambridge University Hospital multi storey car park
  • IKEA in Dublin and Coventry
  • The Wigan Grand Arcade
  • Costco Wholesale Unit in Gateshead
  • A thirty four storey tower at Canary Wharf in London
  • Ocean Point One Office Development in Leith
  • St Andrew’s Square Office Development in Edinburgh


Severfield Rowen Steel Fabrications are involved in a range of other large scale commercial projects, including hospitals, educational developments, warehouses and distribution centres, transport developments, stadiums, hotels, residential properties and much, much more.

As you can see, Severfield Rowan Steel Fabrications is a tremendously big company involved in industrial steel that operates not just all over the United Kingdom but also on a worldwide level, servicing customers around the globe.





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