Rimor Steel Fabrication

If you stood still and looked around you, you could be incredibly surprised at the amount of steel that you can find, both visibly and invisibly.  Steel is found underground in the pipes that carry our water, gas and sewage for example.  It is also found in the building blocks of our homes.  Large proportions of cars and other vehicles are made of steel as well.  Within our homes, most of our appliances will contain high levels of steel, and most cutlery is made from steel.  Many of us also have stainless steel sinks.  It is hard to find any industry that does not use steel at some point in their processes, be it in the production of their products or in the machines they use in production.

Who Are Rimor Steel Fabrication?

Rimor Steel Fabrication is a company that has dedicated itself to delivering engineering excellence.  It is a privately owned company that was started in 1979 and works specifically in the areas of:

  • Precision engineering
  • Precision fabrication
  • Sheet metal work
  • Converting solutions
  • Modular assembly


They have very strong ties with the defence, marine, energy, gas, oil and aerospace industries.  They are able to produce the raw materials that are needed in steel fabrication, subcontract any services that are needed and manufacture complex parts and pieces that they are then able to fully install.  Rimor Steel Fabrication uses an ISO Quality Management System to ensure that all their processes are fully automated.

Where Are Rimor Steel Fabrication Located?

Rimor Steel Fabrication is based in Denmead, Hampshire.

What Do Rimor Steel Fabrication Produce?

Rimor Steel Fabrication is involved in the production of a range of products and systems, including:

  • Parts for the aerospace industry, such as pressure tested tubes, machine casting refuelling hose drum assembly, electronic housing manufacture from bronze, electro polished turned parts and CNC milled components.
  • Parts for the defence industry, such as large manifold assembly, suspension main casting, tank suspension arms machined through forging, array housing (nickel and ali bronze) and submarine valve assembly.
  • Parts for the fabrication industry, such as a silo gantry, subsea assembly that is welded specifically for the engineering market involved in gas and oil, laser profiling as well as laser cutting, stainless steel supporting frames, bespoke and custom made support stillages, lightweight engine cowls, acoustic guarding (restricting access to only those who are allowed access), noise reduction guarding and support frames specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • In relation to modular assembly, Rimor Steel Fabrication have been involved in beam extraction units, beam test units, wiring and piping, rotating jig assembly, process chambers and pressure test assembly for example.
  • Within the gas and oil industry, they have produced stab plates, subsea infrastructure, subsea umbilical and much, much more.


As you can see, Rimor Steel Fabrication is the company of choice for precision engineering.  Dedicated to quality control and excellent customer services, Rimor Steel Fabrication has built up an excellent and well deserved reputation in many different industries across the United Kingdom.





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