Rainham Steel Fabrication

Steel is used in so many applications that it can be hard to actually get your head around it.  Almost every industry uses steel in some form or another, whether it is for what they produce or in their production machines.  Steel is also used in many everyday products too including the cars and motorcycles we drive, our kitchen sinks and cutlery and many of our appliances.  In addition steel is found underground in the pipes used for water, sewage and gas as well as above ground in electricity substations for example. 

Who Are Rainham Steel Fabrication?

Rainham Steel Fabrication is involved in structural steel products and works with companies in the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world.  They also have a very large fleet of trucks and heavy goods vehicles, allowing them to deliver throughout the United Kingdom, usually within 24 hours.  They will also always try to deliver your entire order in a single vehicle, sometimes configuring the products especially to be able to fit on one vehicle.  This means that customers never incur too many costs in relation to delivery.



Where Are Rainham Steel Fabrication Located?

Rainham Steel Fabrication have three offices:

  • The head office is in Rainham, Essex
  • The Bolton office in Bolton, Lancashire
  • The distribution office is in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire

What Do Rainham Steel Fabrication Produce?

Rainham Steel Fabrication is involved in the production of a very impressive range of structural steel products, including:

  • Universal beams – these are available in a combination of mass per metre, depth of sections, width of sections, thickness of web, thickness of flange, root radius, depth between fillets, local buckling ratios and second moment of area.
  • Universal columns
  • Equal angles
  • Plates
  • Unequal angles
  • Parallel flange channels
  • Bearing piles
  • Shot blasting and painting – this is one of the most important parts of Rainham Steel Fabrication’s entire operations.  They use a fully automated heavy duty machine that allows shot blasting and painting as well as drying.  The machine is set in such a way that paint finishes are always consistent and even, meaning that you could order further products at a later stage and be sure to have the exact same colour and finish.
  • Cold formed rectangles
  • Hot finished squares
  • Cold formed circles
  • Saw cutting
  • Hot finished circles – these are available in a range of specifications, including outside diameter, thickness, area, mass, radius of gyration, moment of inertia, plastic modulus, elastic modulus, torsional constants, approximate length and superficial area.
  • Hot finished rectangles
  • Drilling – Rainham Steel Fabrication uses a heavy duty drilling system that is computer controlled.  Because of this, the drilling can make up to three simultaneous holes and is very fast. 
  • Cold formed squares


As you can see, the range of work that can be produced by Rainham Steel Fabrication is wide and varied.  They use heavy duty precision machines in most of the processes which allow for both speed and quality.  Committed to keeping costs down as much as possible, Rainham Steel Fabrication is a great company to speak to if you have any steel requirements.





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