Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication industry is one the most varied industries in the world as it is involved in almost every other industry.  The mining industry, for example, uses steel in building its mining equipment.  This is an interesting example as, in order to create steel, iron ore first needs to be mined!  The steel industry is involved in so many other things as well, such as construction and architecture, jewellery and art, automotive and aeronautical design and so much more.

Who Are Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication?

Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication is a small family run business that was first started in 1998 by two brothers Matthew and John Butler.  Both had worked in the sheet metal fabrication industry since they left school and decided to put both their knowledge and experiences together to start their own company.  Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication still operates on family values and tries to treat each costumer as part of the family.  As a result, they have gained an impressive customer database that includes many satisfied and returning customers. 

The three principles which they work to are:

  • Quality – Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication believes that quality can only be achieved through experience, which is exactly what they offer.
  • Price – The prices offered are always as competitive as possible. 
  • Reputation – In order for a company to run properly, it needs to have a very good reputation, which in turn is achieved by the two principles above, as well as having excellent customer service.

Where Are Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication Located?

Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication is based in Colne, Lancashire.  This is perhaps the most cost effective area where they could possibly be located.  Overheads are very low and they are close to all major transport networks.  It is due to their location that Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication are able to keep their prices low and competitive.

What Do Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication Produce?

Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication specialises in offering custom made, bespoke steel products.  This means that their portfolio is very varied and has included:

  • The full installation of an Indian takeaway shop where steel was provided for the walls, counters and the fittings.
  • A planter at the storefront of the new flagship shop of Boundary Mills in Lancashire.
  • Mobile platforms and were produced for Go Plant Refuse and Bin vehicles.
  • A large stainless steel bread conveyor belt was produced for Oddies Bakery.
  • The counter of a takeaway shop offering fresh sandwiches.


These are but some of the bespoke products that have been made by Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication.  They have also been involved in creating basketball rings, hygienic bins, arm brackets, fli top machine guards, garden toolboxes, cemetery bins, planters, exhibition installations, supermarket bag dispensers, roof terrace planters, fire guards and much, much more.

As you can see, if you want a company that keeps their costs low and their customers happy, Butler Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication could be the company for you.  By being committed to keeping their customers happy and making them feel like part of the family, you are sure to be able to receive quality products from a company that you can trust.





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