Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication industry is one of the most important industries in the world today, mainly because it is linked to almost every other industry in the world.  Steel is not only used in the production of everyday items, such as cars, appliances, jewellery, sinks and piping, but it is also generally used in the machines used to produce other items (that in turn may include steel).  The steel fabrication industry is also heavily involved with the Ministry of Defence, as steel is used in the fabrication of weapons, tanks, submarines and much more.

Who Are Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication?

Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication is an Australian company that is a member of the Australian Steel Institute, guaranteeing quality.  It was founded in 1979 and has been a family owned company ever since.  Advanced Metal Sheet Fabrication is constantly growing and expanding as they attract more customers and has built on their already existing name of excellent quality and customer service.  They are now one of the biggest market leaders in fabrication economics and technology. 

All products and customer relations are completed through the Tekla X-Steel software package, which is known to make almost no drafting errors.  It is fully integrated with the CNC machinery, meaning that the fabrication speed is tremendous and there is almost no room for manual errors. 

The workshop capacity of Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication has recently been tripled by the introduction of two brand new drill and saw lines.  The company specialises specifically in structural steel work projects and all their staff are fully qualified and well trained.  All products are manufactured in accordance with all necessary industry standards and the health and safety of employees is maintained at all times.

Where Are Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication Located?

Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication are based in Gillamn, South Australia. 

What Do Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication Produce?

Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication are involved in the production of many different items.  Their customer database is incredibly impressive and includes:

  • Australand
  • Tagara Group
  • Badge Constructions
  • Sitzler
  • Built Environs
  • Sarah Constructions
  • Candetti Constructions
  • Pike Constructions
  • Collaroy Developments
  • Multiplex
  • Complete Building Services
  • Minnuzzo Project Management
  • Hindmarsh
  • Marshall & Brougham Constructions
  • Kennet Builders


The products that have been created by Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication include:

  • Trusses that have been used in a food processing plant.  These were 26 meters long and weighed 2.2 tonnes each.
  • An entry tower that was fully completed for a club facility.
  • Conveyor frames in a range of sizes


All products created by Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication go through a rigorous quality control testing system.

Advanced Metal Steel Fabrication has quickly built up an excellent reputation by offering tremendous quality and outstanding levels of customer service.  Since its founding in 1979, the company has known nothing but growth and has become a market leader in precision steel fabrication all across Australia.  If you are looking for excellent quality, provided by trained professionals and production systems that leave no room for error, as well as fantastic customer service from the initial contact through to the installation and beyond, Advanced Metal Sheet Fabrication is the company for you.




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