4 Tec Steel Fabrication

Being involved in steel fabrication means you are involved in one of the most important industries in the world.  The steel fabrication industry is linked to so many other industries that entire books could be written about it.  For example, there are strong links with the mining industry, to mine for iron ore to create steel but also to create the equipment used in mines.  Steel fabrication is also heavily involved in the weapons industry, including guns and tanks for example.  Within a home, for example, you are likely to find steel inside all of your load bearing walls, as well as in most of your appliances. 

Who Are 4 Tec Steel Fabrication?

4 Tec Steel Fabrication is a company that is dedicated to providing very high levels of customer satisfaction as well as incredible quality.  They pride themselves on having a fully trained and qualified workforce that takes pride in recognising the individual levels of craftsmanship in each job that has been done.  Being fully committed to customer service, 4 Tec Steel Fabrication understands all important customer requirements, deadlines in particular, and they are very proud of their working records.

Just like many companies and business involved in steel fabrication, 4 Tec Steel Fabrication have an impressive customer database of large and small organisations that they have worked with in the past.  Excellent levels of customer service means that they have worked with many happy customers over the years and that they are well liked and respected.  In fact, many customers return time and time again and/or refer others to 4 Tec Steel Fabrication.

Where Are 4 Tec Steel Fabrication Located?

4 Tec Steel Fabrication is located in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.  However, they work all across the Midlands and the North West of the United Kingdom in cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham or Derby.

What Do 4 Tec Steel Fabrication Produce?

4 Tec Steel Fabrication are involved in the production of a number of steel items, including:

  • Balustrading
  • Iron and Steel Work


In relation to balustrading, 4 Tec Steel Fabrication is happy to work both in the production of industrial railings or steelwork.  Some of the metal fabrication services that 4 Tec Steel Fabrication offer include:

  • Steelwork
  • Staircases
  • Balustrading
  • Secondary steelwork
  • Safety barriers
  • Hand railing
  • Balconies
  • Railings and gates


In relation to iron and steel work, 4 Tec Steel Fabrication is involved in completely bespoke solutions.  They are happy to listen to the requirements of any customer and offer their professional expert advice on what would be the best solution for their needs. 

As you can see, regardless of what your needs and requirements are, whether you are in the shipping industry or making a work of art, whether you work in the automotive industry or the jewellery industry, whether you build appliances and sinks or whether you work with sewage pipes, 4 Tec Steel Fabrication is a company that you can approach for all your needs.  They are dedicated to ensuring your receive the best possible customer service and the highest quality products.




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