Where to Find a Steel Fabrication Estimate

Where to Find a Steel Fabrication Estimate

There are millions of steel fabrication projects that go on each day across the world; such is the vast number of uses of fabricated steel. Everything from mass produced stainless steel cutlery to large shopping malls rely on the steel fabrication companies. There are many individual one-off projects that require steel fabrication companies and many specialist firms are now able to offer clients a fully tailored service which includes the design, fabrication and assembly of the steel. This kind of service is able to save clients time and money as independent designers and labourers are not needed.

There large the project the more steel and labour that is needed; these factors will impact on the overall cost of the project and the estimates given. Like in many other situations, shopping around for estimates will lead you to the best price; the question is where to find a steel fabrication estimate?

Going to the fabrication companies for estimates

If you want to know where to find a steel fabrication estimate, then the best bet is to contact a local steel fabrication company. No matter how large or small your project, the company will be able to provide you with an estimate for the work.

An estimate will depend on what type of service you require and how large the job is. Some clients only require the fabrication of the steel based on drawing provided by them and with no erection labour needed; this will lead to a much lower estimate than a service which includes the designing, fabrication and installation or erection.

Many companies will base their estimates on a rough description of the job; this is known as conceptual estimating. To give a conceptual estimation an employee of the fabrication company will look at the overall picture of the project based on basic details of the project. Using their knowledge of the industry they are able to give a price for design (if needed), materials and labour. The estimate given will generally be priced over the odds but will give you a figure which can be used against other companies in the hope of driving down the overall price.

Some companies will provide a more in-depth estimate which provide you with a team of experienced estimators and structural designers who are able to look at the overall project and provide you with a more accurate price.

Estimating Software

If you have a bit of experience with previous steel fabrication products and some computer knowhow then the solution of where to find a steel fabrication estimate can be found closer to home.

There are various computer software programs that can be downloaded from the internet that can provide you with an estimate based on the size of the project and the materials you need. This software is also implemented by many companies to provide quick and accurate estimates.

Choosing one of these options can help you in your search for where to find a steel fabrication estimate. Remember that to get the best possible price for your project it is important to gather several estimates, using the computer software can give you a starting estimate to work from.



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