When Would I Need Steel Fabrication

When Would I Need Steel Fabrication

Steel is an essential element in many modern buildings, and the steel fabrication industry is in constant high demand across the world to work in the manufacture of steel and developments on both large and small projects. Despite being used for many purposes, the process of steel fabrication is a little known subject for the general public. One question that is often asked about the industry is “when would I need steel fabrication?” The answer will depend on many different things.

When manufacturing areas use steel fabrication?

As an average member of the general public the answer to “when would I need steel fabrication?” would be rarely if ever. Steel fabrication work is generally contracted out by various manufacturing and construction sectors. Steel fabrication is used often in almost every sector, including:

  • Public
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Domestic

The automotive and ship building industries would be unable to function were it not for steel fabrication. Projects both large and small from domestic steel fencing to large sports stadiums use fabricated steel and many of the UK’s cities and towns are dominated by steel framed buildings. If your line of work is tied to construction then it is likely that the answer to “when would I need steel fabrication?” is, very frequently.

Why use steel?

Steel is the most commonly used of all the metals and there are many reasons for this. Steel is one of the easiest metals to manipulate and mould making it the ideal choice for various projects that require specific shapes. Despite its flexibility, steel is also one of the most durable and strongest metals available and is flame resistant.

Steel is classed as one of the hardest materials available and conducts at a rate ten times that of wood; this makes it a great option for use in numerous construction projects. Many companies also use steel as it is one of the cheapest of the various different metals on the market and is limitless in potential.

Steel fabrication company services

If you were working on a project of any size involving steel then the answer to “when would I need steel fabrication?” would be immediately. If you are someone that is working in property development, then steel fabrication will play a big part in your future plans, this is especially true when constructing office buildings and commercial premises.

Modern steel fabrication companies offer clients a lot more than just the fabrication process. Services generally offered now include, design, project management, prefabrication and on-site erection.
Some company also provide painting and powder coating services which are common with domestic projects and household appliance manufacture.

The design process plays a big part in the process of steel fabrication and expert draughtsmen and architects must produce drawing and models that are suitable to the client and clear for the fabricators to follow. Drawings and models are now produced in 2D and 3D using computer assisted software which provides details of materials, dimensions and specifications.



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