Steel Fabrication FAQ

Steel Fabrication FAQ

Steel fabrication is a huge part of modern industry and is responsible for most of the modern infrastructure in towns and cities across the UK. Despite this, for those outside the industry steel fabrication is a subject about which little is known. A good way to gain an understanding of the subject in the read though a list of steel fabrication FAQ’s; frequently asked questions give people an introduction to a subject without going into too many of the finer details.

This article will address some of the most important steel fabrications FAQ’s to broaden you knowledge of the subject.

What is steel fabrication?

Steel fabrication is the process of taking the raw material (steel) and turning it into a finished product. This is done through the cutting, forming and welding of the steel. Steel fabricators use an array of machinery to achieve the shape and size of the steel and then use weld to join the pieces together.

Common cutting techniques include shearing (using heavy duty blades to cut through steel) and laser cutting (high energy laser which melts the steel at the cutting point and cools instantly). The forming process is most commonly done using press brakes which will include specially designed dies to form the shape of the steel.

The most widely used welding techniques include MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. Both methods use electrodes to melt the steel and inert gas such as argon to protect the weld puddle.

Where is steel fabrication used?

This is one of the commonly encountered steel fabrication FAQ’s. The process of steel fabrication can be seen everywhere in modern life. In fact our lives would not be the same if it were not for this process. Steel fabricated products are seen in household appliances, cutlery, vehicles, buildings, bridges and industrial machinery, the list is endless.

How much does steel fabrication cost?

The cost of a steel fabrication project is hard to pin point and there are a lot of factors involved, the biggest one being the size of the project. The type of steel needed for the job will also affect cost as there are 3000 different kinds of steel. There are also many different techniques involved in fabrication which may play a part in cost. Companies are able to provide you with a quote for how much your project will cost.

Can I design my own project for fabrication?

Yes. Most steel fabrication companies are able to work from client drawings to produce a finished product. There is also the option of using a design team from the company who are able to provide a design based on your ideas.

How do I become a steel fabricator?

This is also common amongst steel fabrication FAQ’s. Steel fabrication is highly skilled work and commands high rates of pay. To get a job in the industry, two to three years of full time college study is required or it is possible to gain an apprenticeship in the industry. To become qualified you will need to learn how to operate machinery, read engineered drawings, and understand the workings of fabrication and welding. 



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