How Long Will The Steel Fabrication Job Take

How Long Will The Steel Fabrication Job Take

Steel fabrication plays a big role in the modern world and many of the buildings we see in cities and towns across the UK are constructed in part by fabricated steel. The process is not limited to large items such as tower blocks and supermarkets; fabrication is also used on many smaller mass produced items such as kitchen appliances and vehicles.

People with one-off projects often choose a fabrication company to provide a service which will include every aspect of the build from the design until the installation or erection. One commonly asked question with regards to the fabrication companies is “how long will the steel fabrication job take?” There is no short answer to this question and a lot of factors need to be considered before a timescale can be decided upon.

Steel fabrication factors that will affect job timescales

The biggest factor when answering the question of “how long will the steel fabrication job take?” is the size of the project. For example a project to design and manufacture a four storey apartment block will take a lot longer that the same process for domestic steel gates. There will be more involved in the design, more steel needed and erection of the project will take a lot longer for an apartment block.

The estimated price of the job may also have an effect on how long the job will take as you will need to find a company that are able to carry out the work within your budget. The quote will be given based on the size of the project, the amount and type of steel needed and labour. The answer to “how long will the steel fabrication job take?” will be in part determined by the amount of finances at your disposal.

Larger projects will require a longer timescale over each aspect of the steel fabrication project. If you have employed design engineers, draughtsmen or architects to design the job they will need to come up with a model and drawing that is practical and a suitable representation of your ideas. There may be a certain amount of drafts created before a suitable design is decided up. The final design is the one that the fabricators will use to produce the structure.

The fabrication process involves the cutting, forming and welding of the steel to create the structure. A large project will take a longer amount of time and final assembly will need to be done on-site. An on-site erection of a structure is done by fastening the fabricated steel together with bolts; some on-site welding may also be required. On-site assembly of structures can be affected by the weather which can lead to a job being pushed back.

All of these factors will have a big say in answering “how long will the steel fabrication job take?” Being able to create your own designs for fabricators to work from and already have the necessary steel at your disposal will help to speed up the process considerably.



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