How Do I Cost Steel Fabrication

How Do I Cost Steel Fabrication

Our lives in today’s modern society would not be the same if it were not for steel fabrication; items produced as a result of the fabricating process are everywhere in our daily lives. From the knives that butter our toast on the morning, to the vehicle we use to get to work and the building in which we earn a living - each item owes a lot to steel fabrication.

Many hundreds of projects that require steel fabrication are introduced each day in the UK; one common question that people have is “how do I cost steel fabrication?” There are many elements that make up this answer.

Costing steel fabrication projects

The question of “how do I cost steel fabrication?” cannot be answered simply as there are many different factors involved in the overall cost of a project. The first and biggest factor in the cost will be the size of a project. Plans to build a brand new supermarket will cost considerably more than a small domestic extension.

A large project will require more steel, more time and more labour, the type of steel to be used will also impact on the overall cost. There are more than 3000 different types of steel and the price of the materials will different depending on which steel is needed.

The fabrication companies will also differ in the amount they charge for services and what type of service they offer. Some companies are able to offer clients a full in-depth service that will help with all aspects from initial concept, through to design, fabrication and erection, other companies may solely focus on the fabrication of the steel.

If you are someone with skills in design, you may be able to supply the fabrication with the designs to work from; this may save on the overall cost by not needing to employ architects and draughtsmen.

If you are inexperienced with the aspects of pricing up a project then the best answer to “how do I cost steel fabrication?” is to use a professional company to provide you with an estimate.

Steel fabrication company estimates

A steel fabrication company will be able to provide you with an estimate for how much your project will cost based on the knowledge and experience they have in the industry and on previous similar projects.

Quotes and estimates can be given in different ways; if you require a “rough” estimate; this can be given using a process known as conceptual estimating. This is done based on knowledge of the industry allowing an estimator to give a quote without seeing project plans. To do this, estimators will look at the bigger picture and give a quote higher than the actual costs.

Some companies will use estimating software to produce an estimate, this will usually allow a project to get underway quicker as the software is able to factor in materials, labour and design costs.

Another method used by companies and a good option for “how do I cost steel fabrication?” is the use of professional estimators working alongside structural designers to produce a more accurate quote based on design plans.



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