Robinsons Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication continues to play a prominent role in modern manufacture and construction with a large number of industries relying on steel in the production process. Steel has an important role in many people’s daily lives and is seen in use from household appliances to buildings and bridges.

Throughout the United Kingdom, the services provided by steel fabrication companies are much sought after and business often find themselves fully booked by clients looking for one-off pieces as well as mass production work. Robinson’s steel fabrication is one of the UK’s leading companies and boasts a cliental of some of the country’s biggest firms in retail, agriculture, industrial and public sectors.

About Robinson

Robinson is one of the most established structural steelwork companies in Europe and has an annual turnover of £30 million which can be equated to over 17,000 tonnes of fabricated steel each year. The company’s position as a market leader is backed up by the quality assurance an accreditation they have earned, this includes:

  • ISO 9001: 2000 in Quality Assurance
  • ISO 140001 accreditation for Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001 accreditation for Health and Safety

Robinson’s steel fabrications are at the forefront of modern innovations and the company have invested in a new purpose built production facility which houses some of the latest technology in for the high standard and quick production of fabricated steel products. Features of the facility include fabrication speed lines, CNC machinery, and short blast facilities and spray booths. A wide range of projects can be catered to ranging from £10,000 to £10 million and all projects will receive the same dedicated, personal and professional service.

Robinson’s steel fabrication process

Steelwork projects are carried out in Robinson’s state of the art production facility in Derby. From this facility they are able to provide for clients from across the UK and with 22,000 square metres of fabrication space; multiple tasks can be carried out at one time. Being a new facility, Robinson’s have been able to incorporate the latest in computer numerically controlled machinery (CNC); this can speed up the overall production time of a project. Over 600 tonnes of steel is fabricated every week at the site across six fabrication speed lines, the introduction of the lines means that the number of employees required to handle the steel has reduced from 16 to 5.

Upon completion of the cutting and forming of steel on the fabrication lines, welding will be done across 18 different MIG welding stations, from here, depending on the client’s requirements, steel can then be galvanised, powder coated and fire protected.

Robinson’s Design Department

The Robinson’s steel fabrication process goes far beyond the actual steelwork and clients are able to take advantage of the design services provided. Robinson’s employ a team of designers working in a modern design department who are able to work on behalf of the client to produce, 2D and 3D design models using the latest in computer technology, the team are also able to work and come up innovative designs and tackle any restrictions.



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