Steel Fabrication Companies

Many different metals are used for fabrication processes; steel is the most common of all. There are many benefits to steel fabrication which is the reason why it is featured so prominently in today’s construction and manufacture industries.

Some of the main benefits of steel are:

  • Steel is one of the hardest materials available
  • It is one of the cheapest materials
  • Easy to mould and shape for specific purposes
  • Flame resistant
  • Conducts at a rate ten times that of wood
  • Strong and durable

The benefits of steel mean that steel fabrication companies are in constant demand for their services. It is also a high skilled area of work and fabricators are able to command a high level of pay for their services.

What do steel fabrication companies offer?

The services on offer from steel fabrication companies will differ depending on the company; some companies will focus their service solely on the fabrication process working from drawings provided by clients, and others will offer a service that includes every aspect of steel fabrication, working alongside clients from initial concept right through to assembly and erection. The latter is definitely becoming the more popular and companies in the UK now employ a team of estimators, project managers, fabricators and trained erectors and installers to work on behalf of the client.

Estimations and design

When phoning around companies for a quote for your project, you will generally be given a rough estimate of the overall cost; this is generally based on your ideas for the project without the estimator seeing the plans. A rough estimate is given based on the big picture and the estimator will use his overall knowledge of the industry to give you an overall price for the job.

Some people may provide a fabrication company with readymade drawings for the fabricators to work from; the most common process however is enlisting the company to do this on your behalf. Structural designers and draughtsmen are able to access the latest computer assisted design technology to create 2D and 3D drawings and models of how the finished article will look. The designs will include all of the required materials and necessary dimensions and specifications for the fabrication process. Some companies will use the structural designers alongside estimators in order to give a client a much more realistic quote.

Fabrication and assembly

The fabrication process will involve turning the drawings into reality by cutting, forming and welding the steel as required. There are numerous different techniques involved in all aspects of the process and fabricators are able to mould steel to any shape and cut it to any size.

The final part of the process provided by steel fabrication companies is the assembly, installation or erection of the steel. Teams of expert installers, each holding the necessary site safety passes and CSCS card are able to construct the steel as per the design requirements. Large structures can sometimes be assembled in part at the fabrication shop and delivered to site in larger pieces for easier installation, this is known as prefabrication.




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