Elysion Steel Fabrication

Steel is one of the most widely used materials in the UK, and indeed the world, for various manufacturing and construction needs. It is used on items ranging from every day cutlery to large multi storey tower blocks which are a common sight in Britain’s towns and cities. Steel has many different uses and there are different types of the material for different purposes. The process of transforming steel into the finished product is called steel fabrication and is one of the most in demand industries in the world.

Some of Europe’s leading fabrication companies are based in the UK and firms on these shores are known for producing high quality products using the most innovative technologies available. Elysion steel fabrication is commonly regarded as a company able to achieve outstanding results in all aspects of fabrication.

Who are Elysion?

Elysion Steel fabrication works are highly regarded for producing architectural excellence in each product they undertake. Elysion are committed to providing intelligent, design and creative expertise in fabrication and welding throughout South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the Midlands as-well as the surrounding regions. Based in the Matlock area of Derbyshire, Elysion is able to offer services to clients from all sectors including and commonly provide for clients in the following areas:

  • Retail
  • Public
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial

The service provided also extends to the general public and clients are able to benefit from the quality products and high levels of service and professionalism. Clients are afforded the same benefits regardless of project size and each fabrication is carried out under the strictest quality control procedures.

The Elysion steel fabrication aim is to use the clients brief and budget to develop and produce work that encompasses imagination, distinction and harmony with the environment.  They also thrive on the prospect of coming up with innovative solutions to overcome challenges and exceed client expectations.

Elysion steel fabrication service

To ensure a project is completed to the highest standards with accuracy and quality, Elysion is able to offer clients a service which will help them through every stage of the project; this includes the design, fabrication and installation of a project.

With many years of experience and considerable knowledge in the areas of materials, welding, fabrication, construction and engineering, Elysion’s design team is the perfect option for ensuring a project is practical and visually innovative.

Designers are able to use the latest in 2D and 3D design technologies and implement computer assisted design software to produce clear of concise project models.  All designs will include dimensions, specifications and necessary materials which are beneficial for both clients and fabricators.

Competitive pricing is guaranteed and Elysion steel fabrication clients will be given an accurate quote free of charge as-well as any advice required.

The company are also able to provide a bespoke service, which can introduce high standard, bespoke materials and techniques to your project. Bespoke work can transform the appearance of a project and designers are able encompass this high level of product based on a client’s original concept.



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