BMEL Steel Fabrication

It is fair to say that our lives would not be the same if it were not for the process of steel fabrication. Although it may be a little known subject to the general public, steel fabrication is used in everything from cutlery and kitchen sinks, to the vehicles we drive and the places that we work; modern manufacture and construction use steel on a regular basis for many things.

The UK has a high demand for fabrication companies and BMEL steel fabrication projects are regularly used by many industries making it one of the UK’s premier fabrication firms

About BMEL

BMEL stands for Brown and Martin Engineering Limited and the company is able to offer excellent facilities for a range of engineering and fabrication operations. The company’s location which is on the outskirts of Birmingham makes the ideal site for clients with easy access from the M6. At the plant BMEL are able to provide a range of services under one roof which include:

  • Tube manipulation
  • Sheet metal work
  • Press work
  • Welding
  • Inspections

BMEL steel fabrication clients are able to gain assurance from the fact that the company are able to offer many years’ worth of experience in both the design and manufacture of steel. The outstanding reputation that the company has built up over the years has led to a large and satisfied customer base which includes major clients from the rail, automotive, furniture industries.

BMEL are able to offer clients a fully tailored service that approaches both large and small projects with an equal amount of professionalism, care and dedication to ensure that results are always of the highest order. Cost is also a big part of any fabrication project and BMEL are able to provide a team that can cater to a client’s financial means without effecting quality or time.

Fabrication process

BMEL steel fabrication operations are completed using the latest technology and machinery, operated by only trained and experienced skilled workers. With a large cliental, BMEL are able to offer a whole range of fabrication options and have specific area for cutting, forming and welding. Each area of the facility is dedicated to one area of the process to ensure quality is maintained throughout the process.

Welding is often regarded as the most important part of the fabrication process, BMEL offer both MIG and TIG welding carried out by coded welders. The weld used will always be what is best for the structure and is guaranteed to be long lasting.

Inspection process

BMEL are dedicated in quality control and before any client receives a delivery a full inspection is carried out to ensure high standards are reached, this is done in a quality control facility which has the use of ITP co-ordinate measuring machine which is housed in a dedicated cell.

Dispatch process

Once complete, BMEL steel fabrication projects are palletised and shrink wrapped or boxed to ensure a safe delivery to site. This is particularly beneficial for large bulk orders and small items.



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