Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication describes the industry in which people work with steel, such as stainless steel.  Businesses that are involved in steel fabrication also often offer cutting services, generally by laser, which is needed to cut through such strong materials as steel.  Steel fabrication companies often have close links with other industries, such as the automotive or shipping industry, for which they will build parts or containers, to name but a few.

What is Steel?

Steel is classed as an alloy, of which the carbon content is between 0.2% and 2.1%, which determines its weight and grade.  Steel has been produced since the Middle Ages, although it was not produced very successfully in the early days.  Steel is now one of the most common materials used in the world, and is used in many different things, each requiring specific steel fabrication methods.  For example, steel can be found in:

  • Cars
  • Machines
  • Ships
  • Appliances
  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Infrastructure


The steel fabrication industry is responsible for a huge income throughout the world every year and not just for the steel fabrication itself but also for the industries it is involved in, as you can see from the non exhaustive list above.

Materials Produced in Steel Fabrication

There is a range of materials produced by steel fabrication companies, such as:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel flat products
  • Galvanised coated steel
  • Zinc coated steel
  • Mill pickled and oil skin
  • Hot rolled steel


There are many other materials that are produced by steel fabrication companies and many will be happy to listen to your requirements and find the best solution for you.

What Sort of Work is done in Steel Fabrication?

Generally, steel fabrication companies are involved in cutting steel, bending and folding steel, punching steel, pressing steel, welding and sawing.  Companies are often also heavily involved in providing finishes such as high quality painted finishes, powder coating and polishing.  The steel industry, particularly stainless steel, is also involved in the production of steel for jewellery, which is then moulded into beautiful jewellery by special designers.

What Products are made through Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication companies generally produce materials used in construction and DIY, such as brackets and steel frames, as well as garage doors and transport frames.  Steel garage doors can generally be provided in a range of different colours, such as burgundy, medium oak wood grain, anthracite, burgundy or yellow, to name but a few.  Besides this, steel fabrication companies are also involved in producing materials for other industries, as described earlier on.  For example, many car parts contain are made fully out of steel, and these parts will be created within the steel fabrication industry.

The steel fabrication industry, in conclusion, is incredibly wide and varied.  When you stop to think about the amount of items that are made of steel, you could be in for a shock.  Steel fabrication is both visible and invisible.  For example, reinforced concrete is reinforced with steel bars, which you are unable to see.  Steel fabrication is also involved in jewellery design and has become a very popular metal in recent years.



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